Logo, Brand Development, and Interior Design

    What Is Branding ?

    "Branding is the first and last werd in any form of visual communication."

    Now more than ever a brand’s visual language is crucial, and paramount to its viability as a successful business.
    The influence of the web on the global consumer market has birthed the most design savvy generation in our entire history.
    In this ‘Simpsons’ age of ‘blink and you miss it’ short attention spans (DOH !), a brand’s visual identity must have the ability to express its personality and values at a glance. Like people, a brand needs to connect, be understood, and form a meaningful dialogue with its target market.
    Let us partner with you and help you successfuly communicate your brand as we have with the clients below.


    Je Roq Seven (JR7) Fashion Brand

    Je Roq Seven (JR7) Logo design

    JR7 Womenswear design

    JR7 Tee Print Graphics

    JR7 Numbered Limited Edition Store Poster and Advertising Image

    JR7 Website Design

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